Ground Solar Mounting Systems Solutions

MIBET provides innovative mounting solutions for any PV solar application including commercial, industrial, utility, and residential applications. Professional integrators and installers around the world rely on our high-strength and easy-to-install mounting systems.

We offer a variety of solutions

For your specific PV project

Ground PV System Project

Ground-mounted solar PV systems are usually utility-scale solar power plants. But ground PV systems are the best solutions for consumers with small spaces but high energy demands.

Mibet engineers will assess the location of your ground solar mounting system from all aspects before recommending a customized solution. We stay committed to proposing a quality solution that caters to your needs while meeting safety and regulatory requirements.

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar Panels

The benefits of a ground-mounted solar PV system are more than those of a roof-mounted system.

● You can install ground-mounted solar panels at any places with enough sunlight and available land.
● There are more restrictions on roof-mounted PV systems due to safety regulations and the structure of the roof.
● There is limited space for installing a mounting system on a roof. And when you need to make repairs to your roof, you will have to remove the solar panels first.
● Roof-mounted PV panels are usually less efficient, while ground-mounted panels can convert energy more efficiently as the airflow underneath increases to keep solar panels at a low temperature.

When Should You Consider a Ground-Mounted System?

● Lack of available space on the roof.
● Insufficient sunlight on the roof due to shading from trees, vents and other buildings or poor orientation.
● A large solar PV system is desired.
● A piece of land available with plenty of sunshine. Therefore these systems are particularly applicable for rural or remote areas.

PV Mounting Systems and Solutions for All Ground Mounted Projects

Mibet offers complete EPC solutions ranging from small to large utility scale ground-mounted PV solutions, to guarantee your solar panel mounting system will meet the highest standards of structural design and installation.

Ground Solar Racking SPGT4

MRac Solar Ground Mounting System SPGT4

MRac solar ground mounting system SPGT4 is suitable for medium to large scale solar PV projects. Main beams and post are optimized with better design and less....

Ground Solar Racking TCGT4

MRac Solar Ground Mounting System TCGT4

MRac solar ground mounting system TCGT4 is suitable for medium to large scale solar PV projects. TCGT4 bracket system is highly pre-installed and suitable for...

Ground Solar Panel Waterproof Mounting System

Ground Solar Panel Waterproof Mounting System

MRac ground solar panel waterproof mounting system is suitable for large-scale and utility-scale solar PV power plants. The main components are made of...

Agricultural Farmland Solar Mounting System

Agricultural Farmland Solar Mounting System

MRac agricultural farmland solar mounting system is suitable for farm PV power generation projects, which can save land resources and maximize the benefits...

Solar Ground Mounting System for Slope (Hillside)

Solar Ground Mounting System for Slope (Hillside)

MRac slope (hillside) ground solar mounting system is suitable for slope concrete roof or slope land solar PV projects, with strong wind load and snow load...

Fishery-solar Hybrid Power Station System

Fishery-solar Hybrid Power Station System

MRac fishery-solar hybrid power station system is a highly pre-assembled fishery-photovoltaic complementary power plant system for fish ponds...

Characterized by easy installation and a 10-year warranty, Mibet’s mounting systems are widely used in commercial and customized projects. Our dedicated customer service team will provide pre-purchase and post-purchase support.

Main Features of Mibet Ground Solar Mounting System

● Highly pre-assembled ground mounting system to reduce construction lead time and labor costs on large projects.
● Intelligent patented design to withstand high wind and snow load.
● Compatible to all commercially available solar panels.
● Manufactured from structural grade anodized aluminum with stainless steel fasteners to resist the harshest environmental conditions.
● Strict quality control of materials and final products is performed in accordance with ISO 9001, guaranteeing the optimum strength and long life of the solar panel mounts.
● Suitable for installation on uneven ground.
● With a 10-year product quality warranty available.

Our Ground-mounted Solar System Projects

Why You Can Trust Mibet?

We have over 10 years’ experience in planning and implementing photovoltaic power plants of all types and sizes. This experience is well represented in our product portfolio including fixed tilt mounts and ground-based single-axis solar tracking systems.

In the case of available land at your facility, we tailor our services and solutions to the environment, orientation and location-based electrical design. As your solar partner, we design and deliver the perfect solution to ensure the structural integrity and long-lasting performance of your solar project with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.

Why Choose Mibet’s Solar Mounting System?

With over ten years of experience as a leading global provider of photovoltaic system solutions, we continue to be an industry leader in the structural design and loading of photovoltaic mounts. Our products have been certified by AS/NZS1170, TUV, MCS, UL and SGS.

In addition, Mibet offers a one-stop solution for your ground-mounted solar project needs. Our engineers will design a targeted project solution based on your requirements for structure, appearance, cost, etc. We will use 3D modeling technology to ensure that the solution is executable.

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