PV Solar Carport Mounting Systems Solutions

PV carport mounting systems provide simplified and economical solutions for solar power generation and parking lot shading. We offer different mounting systems for single and double parking spaces, tailor-made for different types of solar modules and mounting orientations and inclinations.

We offer a variety of solutions

For your specific PV project


With solar carports’ increasing popularity in the field of renewable energy in recent years, many solar integrators have already taken solar carport products as part of the utility or commercial-scale projects.

Our highly-skilled team has extensive experience in designing efficient solar carports that generate electricity and protect your vehicle from direct sunlight, rain, hail, etc.

Solar carports are solar panels mounted above car parking spaces and offer a flexible and cost-effective way to install solar power as they do not require any additional space.

We can simplify your carport project by configuring one of our solar-ready carport styles or offering design services to develop a customized solar carport solution for your next renewable energy project.

Brief Introduction of Photovoltaic Carport

PV carports offer a number of advantages and practicalities compared to other types of PV power stations. The main difference is that a roof is not needed for a PV carport, therefore, PV carports can be installed in parking lots or yards.

PV carports share many similarities with conventional carports in structure since they have common objectives such as delineating parking spaces while providing coverage to vehicles.

However, PV panels are fitted on the surface of the built-up PV carports, so they can capture solar energy and convert it into electricity. This energy can be used by our customers to provide electricity by connecting the installation to the annex building.

PV carports can take advantage of surfaces where other types of structures cannot be built, and can reduce energy expenditure and dependence on the power grid.

Solar Carport Mounts for Every Application

Combined with environmental friendliness, cost efficiency and quality, our solar carport mounts create energy-efficient carport solutions. With our different solar carport systems, you can offer your customers the opportunity to become more independent of electricity price trends.

Waterproof Carport Solar Mounting System

Waterproof Carport Solar Mounting System

The MRac waterproof carport solar mounting system is a pre-assembled, waterproof mount for residential and commercial solar power projects. Our waterproof...

Solar Carport Mounting System (Single V-column)

Solar Carport Mounting System (Single V-column)

MRac Solar Carport Mounting System (Single V-column) is a pre-assembled ground solar mounting system that is ideal for large commercial and utility-scale solar...

Solar Carport Mounting System (Double V-column)

Solar Carport Mounting System (Double V-column)

MRac Solar Carport Mounting System (Double V-column) is suitable for carpark solar PV projects and high-ground clearance or extremely strong wind...

Single Post Solar Carport Mounting System

Single Post Solar Carport Mounting System

MRac single post solar carport mounting system is a pre-assembled ground solar mounting system that is ideal for large commercial and utility-scale solar...

When developing our solar carport mounts, we remain committed to robustness, material optimization and easy assembly. We offer our customers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on all parts of our different solar carport systems and our other PV mounting systems. In the production of mounting systems, we pay attention to high material quality and flawless workmanship.

Photovoltaic Carport System Video

Features of Mibet Solar Carport System

Mibet solar carport is an economic ground-mounted system that provides shading or coverage to vehicles, converts solar energy into electricity and pays for itself over time in the form of energy savings.

Features include:

● We provide your solar carport project with customized solutions. Our engineers are dedicated to designing the best solar carport structure for various numbers of spaces to cater to your needs.
● The entire anodized aluminum structure equips the system with architectural beauty and corrosion resistance. It is a good choice even in the harshest environments, such as near the coastline.
● High wind and water resistance as well as a cost-effective price are taken into account in this advanced design. Patented aluminum base rails and rail connections ensure a particularly good seal.
● The patented waterproof structure means our PV carports have the waterproof solution expected from a quality product.
● The universal design is compatible with all photovoltaic modules.

We’re Results-focused

Take a look at some of our solar carport project cases.

Start Your Energy Transition With Mibet’s PV Support

At Mibet, we offer you turnkey solutions from design and installation to after-sales services to ensure the enhanced lifespan of your solar systems. All you need is a parking lot that can be converted into a solar carport, and we will do the rest.

We have various site-based PV design proposals to ensure that virtually every car parking space can be a sustainable energy source. In the case of large-scale car parks, the modular design of our carports allows them to be built in any arrangement and linked together to suit the site.

Why Choose Mibet’s Solar Mounting System?

With over ten years of experience as a leading global provider of photovoltaic system solutions, we continue to be an industry leader in the structural design and loading of photovoltaic mounts. Our products have been certified by AS/NZS1170, TUV, MCS, UL and SGS.

In addition, Mibet offers a one-stop solution for your solar carport project needs. Our engineers will design a targeted project solution based on your requirements for structure, appearance, cost, etc. We will use 3D modeling technology to ensure that the solution is executable.

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