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The MRac balcony solar mounting system is a product that is installed on balcony railings and allows for the easy construction of small home PV plants on balconies. The panel’s angle can be adjusted at any time thanks to the unique telescopic tube support leg design. Optimized structural design and material selection ensure the system’s strength and stability in a variety of climatic environments.

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Balcony solar power plant-two PV modules

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Solar energy is becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce home energy costs and increase sustainability. With more and more homeowners wanting to reap the rewards of solar power, many are now looking into balcony solar systems as a viable solution.

A balcony solar system is an innovative way to add solar panels to your balcony, allowing you to harness the power of the sun without taking up too much space in your living area. Unlike traditional roof-mounted or ground-mounted solar systems, balcony solar systems make it easier for those with limited or no rooftop access to take advantage of renewable energy sources.

The Mibet Balcony Solar Racking System enables users to easily mount solar panels on balcony railings, decks, or gardens safely and cost-effectively. With our system, homeowners can maximize the potential of their balconies to capture sunlight and take advantage of clean, renewable energy that can reduce costly electricity bills.

Mibet’s mounting systems are designed for optimal durability and stability so users can enjoy worry-free access to balcony solar power all year round. Bracket-based mounting systems are also ideal for renters as they do not require drilling any extra holes into the structures underneath them and can easily be removed if needed.

Benefits of Balcony Solar Systems

Balcony solar systems are an innovative and renewable way to power your home. They provide a wide range of benefits, from reducing the costs of energy bills, to improving the sustainability of your home or business. Here are some of the ways that balcony solar systems can be beneficial:

1. Energy Savings – Balcony solar systems can drastically reduce your electricity bills. By tapping into the free and renewable energy of sunlight, you’ll generate a lot more power, allowing you to offset the amount you currently use from your utility company.

2. Eco-Friendly – Solar-powered balconies are one of the most environmentally friendly sources of energy available today. They don’t produce any harmful emissions or pollutants like fossil fuels do, and they can help reduce our global reliance on non-renewable sources.

3. Longer Lifespan – Solar panel systems have an incredibly long life span, with some lasting as long as 25 years or more, while still maintaining their efficiency throughout that time frame. This durability means that once you install your balcony solar system, it won’t need frequent maintenance or replacements due to age or wear and tear.

4. Increased Home Value – Installing a balcony solar system is also a great way to add value to your home or business in the long run. The added energy efficiency will make it a more attractive option and could potentially increase its selling price in future market transactions.

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Balcony Railing Solar Panel Mounting Systems

Because of the ease of access, photovoltaic modules as solar balcony solutions are much easier to plan and install than solar installations on roof-tops. Our balcony solar mounting systems are easily installed on the sides or the floor. Furthermore, traditional railings provide no economic benefits. It can show more value after installing the solar system.

Balcony Railing Solar Panel Mounting System

Balcony Railing Solar Panel Mounting System

The MRac balcony solar mounting system is a product that is installed on balcony railings and allows for the easy construction of small home PV plants on balconies. Installation and removal are very simple and quick; the installation can be completed by 1-2 people. The system is bolted and fixed, so there is no need for welding...

The orientation of the sun is essential when planning the installation of solar balcony systems. If the balcony faces south, the solar yields will be greatest. This orientation ensures maximum solar radiation absorption. However, when facing east-south and west, the implementation of intelligent power optimizers can also result in significant solar yields.

Installation Scenarios

Features of balcony bracket systems

Mibet provides a simple photovoltaic mounting system that can be installed by non-professionals for the balcony photovoltaic power generation system. The mounting system has the following characteristics:

Stable Structure

With the unique design of the bottom beam and its connection with the cement foundation or steel foundation, the PV mounting system can bear the wind load of 30 m/s and the snow load of 1.0 KN/㎡, which fully guarantees the strength of the system.

Easy Installation

Single-row and double-row installation structures can be freely combined, and the installation angle can also be adjusted between 0 and 30 degrees to meet the needs of horizontal or vertical solar panel installation. The PV mounting system is compatible with all major components on the market (standardized modules are suitable for 60-cell panels and 72-cell panels. Thanks to the large adjustment range of the mounting system, the frame can accommodate most common sizes of balconies) and can be easily installed by 1-2 people.

Quality Material

The main bracket is made of aluminum alloy with an anodized surface; the fastener is made of stainless steel, and it is hot-dip galvanized, which has excellent anti-corrosion and anti-aging capabilities.

Excellent Compatibility

Standardized components are appropriate for both 60 cell and 72 cell panels. The mounting frame can accommodate most commonly sized balconies due to its large adjustment range. It also works with metal railings.

Solar system for balcony full of flowers and plants

Why Choose Mibet’s Solar Mounting System?

With over ten years of experience as a leading global provider of photovoltaic system solutions, we continue to be an industry leader in the structural design and loading of photovoltaic mounts. Our products have been certified by AS/NZS1170, TUV, MCS, UL and SGS.

In addition, Mibet offers a one-stop solution for your balcony solar project needs. Our engineers will design a targeted project solution based on your requirements for structure, appearance, cost, etc. We will use 3D modeling technology to ensure that the solution is executable.

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