Metal Roof PV Mounts and Systems (Rail-Based and Clamp Direct-Attach Solutions)

Our rails, clamps and system components are the perfect basis for a quick, safe and solid installation of solar panels on many types of sheet metal roofs. Includes installation on trapezoidal, corrugated metal and standing seam metal roofs. Compatible with different types of solar modules.

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Solar Panels on Metal Roof

The differences in roof shapes and slopes make it challenging to install a solar panel system. Given the extensive range and flexible modular structure of Mibet mounting systems, we are able to install solar panels on almost any roof slope. Better still, our PV mounting systems are compatible with all PV panels available on the market.

All our solar mounting solutions for pitched roofs are extremely durable, easy to install, and they come with an impressive load capacity. Our team can even provide structural certificates for different roof systems.

Main Types of Metal Roofs for Solar Mounting

Standing seam metal roofing (also referred to as concealed fastener metal roofing) features various types of raised seams that run across the roof deck and hidden fasteners. This is the most durable type of metal roofing available. No fasteners are visible on the surface, which means minimal leakage from the roof, and fasteners will be corrosion-free due to no exposure to weather conditions. Non-penetrating joint clamps are used to protect and maintain the roof. If installed properly, a standing seam metal roof is considered to be able to last over 60 years. This roofing option is ideal for commercial buildings and residential projects, such as sheds or other structures.

Standing seam metal roofing

An exposed fastener system is usually regarded as the economical choice of metal roofing, and it is easier to install compared to a standing seam system. On an exposed fastener metal roof, rows of visible fasteners run across the roof deck, which is an obvious difference from a standing seam system. However, this type of metal roofing has the same lifespan. As the fasteners are exposed to weather conditions, mounts will be needed for maintaining the roof and protecting it from leakage and corrosion. An exposed fastener system is typically used on agricultural, commercial, and industrial buildings.

Tin roof with visible fasteners

Critical Components of a Solar Mounting System on a Metal Roof

Solar panel mounts on metal roofs consist of two essential parts: clamps and rails, which are connected with solar panels. You’ll need to decide between rail-based and rail-less installation, depending on your specific situation.

Metal roof (track and non-track connections)

Critical components of solar mounting systems on metal roofs include:

● Mounts for exposed fastened metal roofing
● Clamps for standing seam metal roofing
● Mini clamps
● Vertical clamps
● Stainless steel bolts
● Metal fasteners

Since each roofing and solar structure requirement varies, creating a customized mounting solution for metal roofing is the best way to ensure a perfect fit.

Find the Best Solar Mounting System for Your Metal Roof

There are a wide variety of ways to install solar systems on metal roofs, the details of which can affect the installation cost and life expectancy. The solar panel mounts on metal roofs consist of two basic parts: mounting clamps for roofs and solar panel attachments. You can choose either rail-based or rail-less installation, depending on various factors and personal preference. Mibet offers perfect solutions for both installation methods.

Metal Roof Standing Seam Clamp III

Metal Roof Standing Seam Clamp III

The primary structural material of metal roof standing seam clamp III is aluminum alloy. The clamps are firmly connected to the metal roof through professional...


Metal Roof Solar Panel Standing Seam Clamp

Metal roof solar panel standing seam clamps are a low-cost, high-quality, safe metal roofing installation accessory. The installation process does not...

Trapezoidal Metal Roof Mounting Clamp (with Rail)

Trapezoidal Metal Roof Mounting Clamp (With Rail)

This aluminum clamp is designed for solar panel mounting on trapezoidal tin/metal roofs. The utility bracket can fit any size of trapezoidal metal roof...

Trapezoidal Metal Roof Solar Panel Clamp (Without Rail)

Trapezoidal Metal Roof Solar Panel Clamp (Without Rail)

This solar panel clamp kit is designed for trapezoidal metal roof panels. It can be fixed directly to the roof without aluminum rails and is suitable for any size...

Metal Roof Solar Panel Standing Seam Clamp

Metal Roof Solar Panel Standing Seam Clamp

Solar roof clamps allow solar panels to be attached directly to standing seam metal roofs without drilling. The clamps provide a firm hold without penetrating the roof panels, ensuring excellent stability with minimal weight. In addition, the versatility of the system portfolio allows for quick connection to rails or modules.

With a standing-seam metal roof, one can install an entire solar panel system without any penetrations, greatly reducing costs in mounts and labor. A solar panel roof can have tens of thousands of attachment points. A non-penetrating attachment system utilizing a standing-seam clamp will simply and effectively attach the solar modules without voiding the metal roof warranty or causing any leakage.

Brief Installation Guide for Metal Roof Solar Panels

Video of Guide Rails and Clamps

Features of Mibet Metal Roof Solar Mounts

● Applicable for almost any metal roof.
● Compatible with different types of solar modules.
● Simple and quick fixation to wooden trusses or metal purlins.
● Leak-proof fasteners.
● Design of solar panel mounts facilitates load adjustment and distribution.
● Supporting high wind and heavy snow loads.
● Durable, all-aluminum finish for corrosion resistance.
● Pre-assembled components for quick and easy installation.
● Well-matched with framed or frameless PV panels.
● Vertical and horizontal mounting solutions available.

Our Metal Rooftop PV Project

Why You Should Choose Mibet Solar Mounting Systems?

With over ten years of experience as a leading global provider of photovoltaic system solutions, we continue to be an industry leader in the structural design and loading of photovoltaic mounts. Our products have been certified by AS/NZS1170, TUV, MCS, UL and SGS.

In addition, Mibet offers a one-stop solution to meet all your needs of the metal roof solar project. Rather than compromise the durability, service life and weather resistance of your original solar roofing system, our engineers would tailor the design according to your requirements on structure, appearance and cost. We will ensure the feasibility of the solution with the help of 3D modeling technology.

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