Company History

Mibet Industrial Park

● 2023 —— Carry out offshore PV research and application. Signed the “98 GoldenKey” capital increase and production expansion project. Established Indonesia branch. Obtained 3A corporate credit rating again.

● 2022 —— Sales exceeded 600 million. Xiamen IPO backup enterprise.

● 2021 —— Relocation and expand the factory, brand upgrade in July, 2021.

● 2020 ——No.1 market share for distributed PV mounting structure, PV mounting structure supplier designated for XIONG’AN High-speed Railway Station. Tapped into European market.

● 2019 —— Australian branch office was set up. Fujian Provincial Leading Enterprise for Tech Little Giant.

● 2018 —— Honored as Enormous Potential Renewable, Energy-saving and Environment-friendly Innovative Enterprise of The Year. Solar power plant division was founded. Solar power plant brand BEIJIA was created.

● 2017 —— Japanese branch office was established, Rated as AAA Credit Enterprise.

● 2016 ——Global installation capacity exceeded 1GW. Broke into Australian market.

● 2015 —— Annual sales amount topped 100 million. Awarded as Hi-tech Enterprise.

● 2014 —— PV floating system R&D team was formed. Awarded Top 10 PV Mounting Structure Company.

● 2013 —— Passed ISO 9001: 2008 certification, Built up the first phase factory, Awarded Beijixing Cup Top 10 PV Mounting Enterprises, Got five international patents.

● 2012 —— Mibet Energy established, created MRac brand, Step into Europe and America market.

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