Solar Panel Racking Systems Solutions

With over 10 years of experience, Mibet is dedicated to providing the best solutions for your solar projects. Your solar system will meet the highest standards in structural design and installation. Our dedicated customer service team will provide pre-purchase and post-purchase support.
Metal Roof Photovoltaic Project
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Metal Roof

Different clamps or fasteners are used without damaging the roof structure. Pre-assembled kits save the installation time and cost onsite.

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A stable and strong connection between the roof support structure and the solar modules can be achieved.

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The system is stable and produces 20-30% more electricity compared to fixed mounting systems.

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The system is easy to install with a 10-year warranty, and it is widely available for commercial and customized projects.

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The system is made of HDPE material and conforms to many testing standards, and it is easy to install with a long service life.

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Featured with a waterproof structure and low maintenance costs, our customized solutions are ideal to your parking lot.

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The use of aluminum and stainless steel ensures the system’s long-term durability and low maintenance costs.

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Optimized structural design and material selection ensure the system’s strength and stability in a variety of climatic environments.

Mibet solar carport project
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