Tile Roof Solar Mounting Systems Solutions

Our tile roof mounting systems don’t need to penetrate tile surface. But install side-mounted hooks on wood roof rafters. It’s a good solution for both residential and commercial projects.

We offer a variety of solutions

For your specific PV project

Tile Rooftop Solar Power Plant

As optimal solutions for assembling and fixing solar panels on different types of tiled roofs, Mibet’s portfolio of solar panel mounts is easily adaptable to most tiled roof types, such as pantile roofs, concrete/flat tile roofs and asphalt shingle roofs. The systems are fully compliant with Australian and other international standards on wind & snow load, making them suitable for a wide variety of climatic zones.

The patented solar panel mounts eliminate the need to remove tiled roofs, significantly reducing installation time and minimising tile breakage. The system can also be installed on the ridge of curved tile roofs for superior water leakage protection.

MRac Solar Tiled Roof Hooks

Mibet boasts quality stainless steel roof hooks suitable for most types of tiled roofs. The hooks can be connected sideways or laterally for special installation needs, offering the best and easiest solutions.

Mibet solar hook model

With maximum load capacity and low dead weight, our roof hooks allow lateral and height adjustment and are easy to install. By means of corrugation and an elongated hole design, the mounting rails can be connected flexibly and securely.

Overview of System Components

Components for tile roof solar systems

Tile Roof Solar Mounting System

Mibet’s robust solar panel mounts for pitched roofs represent an ideal solution for reliably fixing solar panels thanks to their stability, weatherproof characteristics and durability. In addition, they coexist with the building harmoniously, especially black anodised components and rails are available to cater to the customers’ diversified needs. With a wide range of roof hooks and solar panel mounts, Mibet’s mounting systems can be applied to most roof types, including pitched tile roofs, pantile roofs and even slate roofs.

Tile Roof Solar Panel Mounting Hooks

Tile Roof Solar Panel Mounting Hooks

Tile roof solar panel mounting hooks are available in universal designs and special shapes for flat tile roofs, porcelain tile roofs and other tile roofs...

Solar Panel Mounting Rail DC-H50

Solar Panel Mounting Rail DC-H50

The MRac Solar Panel Mounting Rail DC-H50 is constructed of anodized aluminum and is available in standard and customizable lengths, offering an...

Brief Guide to Install Solar Panels on Porcelain Tile Roofs

Features of Mibet Tiled Roof Solar Mounting System

● Applicable for all standard roof types.
● Compatible with framed/frameless PV modules.
● Height-adjustable porcelain tile hooks.
● Complete range of stainless steel hooks and aluminum profiles.
● Supporting high wind and heavy snow loads.
● Pre-assembled components for quick and easy installation.
● Vertical and horizontal mounting solutions available.
● Strict quality control of materials and final products are performed in accordance with ISO 9001, guaranteeing the optimum strength and long life of the installed system.
● Available with a 10-year product quality warranty.

Why You Should Choose Mibet Solar Mounting Systems?

With over ten years of experience as a leading global provider of photovoltaic system solutions, we continue to be an industry leader in the structural design and loading of photovoltaic mounts. Our products have been certified by AS/NZS1170, TUV, MCS, UL and SGS.

In addition, Mibet offers a one-stop solution to meet all your needs of the tile roof solar project. Rather than compromise the durability, service life and weather resistance of your original solar roofing system, our engineers would tailor the design according to your requirements on structure, appearance and cost. We will ensure the feasibility of the solution with the help of 3D modeling technology.

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