Fixed Tilt Ground Mounting Systems

Fixed Tilt Ground Mounting Systems

A ground-mounted solar system offers enhanced adjustability to accommodate various purposes. This option can also be more cost-effective on a smaller scale or in cases where roof access is expensive or hindered. Additionally, ground-mounted panels generally operate at lower temperatures than roof-mounted ones, potentially increasing efficiency by up to 25%. Nevertheless, the investment's success hinges on the quality of the open-area solar mounting solutions, as the solar plant's overall performance is entirely dependent on the mounting systems' reliability.

Our skilled engineering design team, possessing extensive experience, is dedicated to developing robust solutions capable of withstanding the most challenging terrains and weather conditions. We guarantee the swift and efficient installation of our fixed-tilt ground mounting system, attributable to our advanced prefabrication and optimally coordinated components.

Product Overview

Fixed Tilt Ground Mounting System Features

● Simplified components and pre-assembly facilitate rapid and smooth installation.
● Robust construction accommodates any wind speed and snow load.
● Broad compatibility with various module types.
● Protect your solar modules and maintain your project budget.
● Cost-effective, all-steel construction for competitive cost-per-watt pricing.
● Customizable tilt angle for the fixed bracket to meet specific requirements.
● In-house manufacturing guarantees high quality, reduced lead times, and adaptability.

Our system has been meticulously engineered to achieve an optimal balance among all components, resulting in fewer ground penetrations and reduced installation costs. This approach enables us to offer additional cost-saving measures and array configurations that are not commonly found in the industry, while maintaining structural stability.

Fixed-Tilt Bracket Systems Are Well-Suited for Complex Terrains

As municipalities and states increasingly adopt renewable energy to counteract climate change, some solar projects will be executed on locations that are not deemed ideal for installation. Such sites may encompass rolling hills or slopes, obstructions like trees, or other demanding geotechnical conditions. In these circumstances, fixed-tilt bracket systems excel in diverse topographies, as they can be effectively installed on challenging slopes and undulating terrains.

Loose soil, rocks, concealed organic materials, and various obstructions can all contribute to the intricacy of establishing a solar system's foundation. For fixed-tilt systems, the foundation is readily optimized and aptly suited for these intricate Geotechnical conditions, enduring even the most severe weather conditions.

Project Reference

Why Choose Our Solar Racking System?

Chosen by prominent EPCs and installers, Mibet ranks among the finest field-assembled, ground-mounted solar systems for utility-scale and commercial solar installations. Our adept design and engineering teams, in conjunction with thorough geotechnical analysis, identify risks beforehand, ensuring timely completion within budget constraints.

We are equipped to overcome any challenge, from rugged terrain to severe weather, in order to devise a tailored solution that optimizes both ROI and energy production.

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