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Wind-proof Ballasted Solar System for Flat Roofs

The structure of the wind-proof ballasted PV system for flat roofs adopts a three-sided windproof design, with windproof shields on both sides and the back of the solar panels to ensure the stability of the system. You can choose to install or not install wind shields according to the wind pressure conditions in your area. This system is mainly suitable for smaller-sized photovoltaic modules, and uses a short-edge fixed installation method.

Most of the components of the ballasted system are pre-assembled before leaving the factory, and the structure design can be quickly assembled without tools, which improves the installation efficiency. The installation angle is 10°, the wind load is 44 m/s, and the snow load is 1.6 kN/m2.

Product Application Examples

Wind-proof Ballasted Solar System for Flat Roofs Application Examples


Ballast Design

No need for roof penetration, the ballast systems offer a variety of installation options.

High Wind Resistance

Wind shields can be added to both sides and the back to enhance the system's wind resistance.

Rapid Installation

Tool-free quick installation improves installation efficiency.

Wind-proof Solar System Ballasted Details

Bracket details

Wind-proof Solar System Ballasted Details
Wind-proof Solar System Ballasted Details

Technical Parameter

TypeFlat Concrete Roof
Bottom SupportConcrete Ballast
Installation Angle10°
Wind Load44m/s
Snow Load1.6KN/㎡
Panel Framingframed
Panel LayoutLandscape
Design StandardsEuro Code/EN1991/1993/1994
 BS 6399
 ASCE 7-10
Main MaterialAL6005-T5 (Anodized)
Small ComponentsAL6005-T5 (Anodized)
Bracket ColorNatural or Customized
Warranty10 years

Service and Support

● Our sales team will provide you with basic product introduction and training.
● Our technical team will design a complete solution according to your project requirements.
● We provide installation guides and online services for the solar mounting system.
● Provide 10-year warranty service.

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