Solar Racking Systems

MRac Solar Pole Rack System

MRac solar pole rack system is applied for the installation of solar PV project on uneven lands like hillside, suitable for off-grid systems and telecom stations. With its flexible and professional design, 6 to 16 solar modules can be installed on a pole solar PV system and the tilt angle of solar module can be adjustable from 0 to 60 degrees.

Product Application Examples

Application example of solar pole rack system


Pre-assembled Components Save Onsite Installation Time

Solution design case by case, most components pre-assembled in factory, no onsite cut and drill request, saving the onsite installation time and cost.

Compatible with different sizes of solar modules

With MRac module clamps, the system compatible with most kinds of framed 60-cell, 72-cell, half-cut cells modules and frameless modules.

Flexibility and Adjustability

The structure can be adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees with pre-machined screw holes and with some tolerance with east-west, west-south and south-north directions, assuring flexible on-site installation to achieve best yield for solar modules.

Single-Pole Design

Single-pole design require small area of land for foundation.

MRac Solar Pole Rack System Details

Bracket details

MRac Solar Pole Rack System Details
MRac Solar Pole Rack System Details

Technical Parameter

Bottom SupportPile driving, Cement foundation, Helical piles
Installation Angle10-60°
Wind Load32m/s
Snow Load1.3KN/㎡
Height From the Ground500-2000mm
Panel Framingframed, frameless
Panel Orientationhorizontal, vertical
Design StandardsAS/NZS 1170, DIN 1055, JIS C8955:2017,
 International Building Code: IBC 2009,
 California Building Code: CBC 2010;
Bracket MaterialQ235B (hot-dip galvanized), AL6005-T5 (surface anodized)
Fastener MaterialZinc-nickel alloy & stainless steel SUS304
Parts MaterialAL6005-T5 (surface anodized)
Bracket ColorNatural silver or colored according to customer requirements
Warranty10 years

Service and Support

● Our sales team will provide you with basic product introduction and training.
● Our technical team will design a complete solution according to your project requirements.
● We provide installation guides and online services for the solar mounting system.
● Provide 10-year warranty service.

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