China Tianjin Rooftop Distributed PV Power Plant Project Completed Shipment

On December 14, Mibet Energy has completed the shipment of the order for the 7 MW bracket for the rooftop distributed PV power plant of Tianjin National Convention and Exhibition Center (NCEC).

Rooftop Distributed Power Plant Project in Tianjin, China

The NCEC is one of the largest, public and landmark buildings of Tianjin City. With land occupation of around 1.31 square kilometer, NCEC contains total construction area of 1.34 million square meters including 400,000 square meters of exhibition halls, 317,000 square meters of commercial area for hotel, office building, conference room, and catering. Total investment of NCEC is around RMB17.5 billion, USD$2.7 billion.

The supplementary solar PV plant of NCEC is planned for 7 MW total and will be among the first completed parts of the project. Mibet Energy, once again, won the bid in early stage because of its long term reputation for excellent product quality and outstanding customer service.


“We have rich experience of rooftop PV project like NCEC that’s why we didn’t feel pushed hard in the process,” said by Leo Lin, the domestic sales general manager of Mibet Energy. “As what we did many times before at other customers’, we went to the site and discussed with customer about all necessary information and details for the project as soon as we got the bid. Once we get to know the requirements of customer, we draw out the design very soon and passed customer’s verification in one go.” Leo Lin stressed with proud. “Our customer is very satisfied with our quick response, excellent design, and fast shipment.” He added.

“The product Mibet provided for NCEC project is belong to MRac Metal Roof PV series which is a mature product. With very good quality, Mibet can provide in a competitive price because we have our own manufacturing base, stable raw material supplement and own inventory.” Said by Leo Lin, domestic sales general manager of Mibet Energy. “We treasure this opportunity our customer gave to us to contribute in a landmark building as NCEC, and with honor we did our best as always.” Leo Lin added.

Rooftop Distributed Power Plant Project in Tianjin, China

The main works of NCEC including the 7 MW rooftop PV plant will finish all construction and installation by September, 2021. With help of the installed solar PV panels, 8.9 GWh electricity power will come with no carbon emission, which equal to around 7798 MT per year.

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