MIBET at KEY ENERGY 2024, Italy’s Energy Transition Expo

Mibet booth at KEY ENERGY

February 28, 2024—Mibet Energy, a leading provider of PV system solutions, participated in the 17th edition of the KEY ENERGY Exhibition in Italy. We showcased our latest PV system products, focusing on efficiency and reliability to support the global transition to sustainable energy.

Mibet booth at KEY ENERGY

Mibet showcased a series of solar mounting systems suitable for the European market, including:

● Flat roof solar ballast system: Stable and wind-resistant, with multiple ballast options to suit various requirements.
● Balcony mounting system: Quick and easy installation by one or two individuals, with adjustable tilt angles to optimize sunlight capture.
● Floating solar system G4N: Made from HDPE material for a lifespan exceeding 25 years. Versatile array designs for seamless integration.
● Ground-mounted PV systems GT4 and GT7: Simplified, flexible, and robust structural design adaptable to diverse terrains.
● Solar carport system: Waterproof design, aesthetically pleasing, and durable with anti-corrosion protection.

Group photo of MIBET booth staff

With its high-quality and reliable PV mounting systems, Mibet has been involved in PV projects across various countries and regions, achieving a global cumulative installed capacity of over 30 GW. Committed to innovation, we continue to develop more efficient and dependable mounting systems, providing trustworthy PV solutions to customers worldwide.

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