Mibet Agricultural PV Mounts Are Well Received in Japan

The agricultural photovoltaic system is a new model of development combining agricultural production and photovoltaic power generation.The Mibet agricultural solar photovoltaic mounting system (hereinafter referred as "Agri-PV system") has attracted large number of clients in Japan, due to its appealing appearance, high standards and supreme quality, and the Japanese market is well-known for its stringent requirements for product quality. At present, more than 10 projects in Shizuoka Prefecture, Aichi Prefecture, Yamanashi Prefecture, Fukushima Prefecture etc. have been constructed and commissioned one after another.

Mibet Japan Agricultural PV Project

What's the uniqueness of the Agri-PV system, which is so well received in Japan?

It meets the needs of crop growth

The solar module will block some sunlight, and the Mibet Agri-PV system greenhouse can adopt different installed capacities based on sun light requirements of different crops, achieving both power generation and crop planting. The solar cell module can also block some ultraviolet light and reflect the blue-violet light which is needed for insect's propagation. In such a way the plant diseases and insect pests can be greatly reduced, the use of pesticide can be decreased and the quality and quantity of crops will be improved, forming a new model of green ecological agriculture empowered by high technology.

By setting up solar modules with different light transmittance or putting the solar cell modules in different layout, the Mibet Agri-PV system meets the needs of different crop growth and creates the appropriate environment for different crops in a flexible way.

Mibet Japan Agricultural PV Project

Avail resources to generate revenue

The Agri-PV system does not take extra land in generating power, and it doesn't change the purpose of land using. The land can be used properly while generating power, and using the electricity in proximity can reduce the loss in power transmission, which greatly improves the comprehensive utilization rate of energy. The combination of PV and agriculture can not only increase the farmers' income, but also solve the bottleneck problem of large amount of land requisition in developing PV projects, which serves a win-win for agricultural harvesting and power generation.

Mibet Japan Agricultural PV Project

Scientific design, easy to be installed

The main body of the Mibet Agri-PV system adopts aluminum alloy and large-span structure, so it won't impede the daily operation of the agricultural machinery. The columns can be adapted to different projects, multiple square tubes can be switched seamlessly, and it boasts excellent bearing performance even with the large span structure. The patented T-shape slot together with column, joint, and rear diagonal tension brace can realize the flexible adjustment of solar PV greenhouse mountings, reducing the installation time in an efficient way.

The Mibet Agri-PV system has passed the professional tests of TUV and acquired the certificates with minimum service life of 25 years.

The Mibet Agri-PV system contains huge potential in the global context of energy conservation, environment protection and low-carbon economy. Mibet will continue to integrate PV proceedings with agriculture and make due contribution to global agricultural development with innovative products and pioneering spirit.

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