Mibet Japan 28 MW Ground PV Power Plant Project Successfully Completed

Recently, the 28 MW utility-scale ground photovoltaic power station in Suzuka City, Mie Prefecture, Japan with the mounting system supplied by Mibet Energy, has been installed and passed the customer's acceptance, which has been well received by the owner. The photovoltaic power station adopts the ground mounting system designed by Mibet Energy and it successfully passed the Q&A clarification of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry of Japan. It is expected to generate 46 million kWh of electricity per year, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 28,000 tons.

Mibet Japan Ground PV Power Plant Project

As one of the countries with the fast-pacing development of the photovoltaic market in recent years, Japan boasts itself of high standards, complex environment and strict acceptance for its utility-scale ground power station projects, which greatly tests the product and service level of suppliers. Mibet Energy provided tailor-made ground photovoltaic system solutions according to customer needs, and the recent supply of Japanese High-voltage projects has set milestone one after another.

For this project, Mibet established a project team composed of senior project engineers, process engineers and business personnel to quickly and efficiently respond to customer needs. Through mechanical force simulation analysis, mechanical testing and strength structure verification, the technicians of Mibet Energy repeatedly optimized the design and provided customers with the best design solution - PGT8 ground photovoltaic mounting system in accordance with the industry standard of Japan JIS C 8955. 2017.

Mibet PGT8 Solar Mount

    Scientific installation to make sturdy and stable mounting structure

    According to the terrain of the construction site, Mibet Energy provides customers with customized ground PV mounting system installation solutions, which can easily cope with the challenges of undulating terrain, irregular project shapes and extreme weather. It is ramming pile foundation for this project, the pile is driven into the soil directly, which has excellent anti-pulling performance. With wind load up to 60m/s and snow load up to 2KN/m2, the ground mounting system can effectively resist strong wind and heavy snow.

    Mibet PGT8 Solar Mount

    Adjustable angle for easy installation

    As the terrain and topography of the project site are complex, and the array orientation, installation spacing and installation angle of each solar panel are different, higher requirements are put forward for the refined design and construction of the power station. Mibet PGT8 ground photovoltaic mounting system adopts the self-developed T-shaped joint H80, which can easily adjust the angle of the bracket. At the same time, it uses a symmetrical nut design, which greatly improves the installation efficiency without having to consider the direction during installation.

    Strict selection of materials for perfect application

    Due to the different environment and industry standards in various regions, Mibet Energy provides different photovoltaic mounting system material selection and surface treatment processes to meet customer demands. In this project, profiles with high strength and big thickness are used, and the height/wall thickness is larger than the specified value to achieve high bending and torsion resistance. In the meantime, because Japan is surrounded by the sea, the aluminum bracket is anodized, which can maintain excellent corrosion resistance in a humid environment.

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