Mibet Offshore PV System Successfully Deployed Nearshore

Mibet Offshore Floating PV System

Recently, Mibet successfully deployed two offshore floating solar systems in the marine testing zones of "Dali Puyu" and "Dongshan Island". This marks the official commencement of the validation phase for the "Nearshore Floating Photovoltaic Application Demonstration Project," in collaboration with the "China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's 725 Research Institute."

Mibet Floating System Successfully Entered the Sea

Offshore solar power generation places higher demands on the floating system's structure, involving complex technical challenges related to marine construction, installation, and maintenance. We have optimized and enhanced various aspects, including the anchoring system, float structure, flexible connectors, corrosion resistance, and wave protection.

Mibet Offshore Floating PV System

In the future, Mibet will continue to explore in-depth and build a near-shore floating photovoltaic system with complete intellectual property rights. We will work hand in hand with industry partners to jointly promote the progress and development of floating systems.

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