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Floating Solar Mounting System G4N+

The floating solar mounting system G4N+ is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) material, which meets the test standards of the Hunt water absorption test (CN), is anti-aging and UV resistant, and can withstand tensile forces far beyond other similar products. The float and the main float adopt a new modular design, realizing the arrangement of two rows in the same direction or symmetrical two rows, etc., to enhance the installed capacity and power generation, easy installation and reduce the project cost, with a service life of up to 25 years.

Product Application Examples

Application example of floating solar mounting system g4n+


● Modular design, simple and convenient splice installation.
● Increase the volume of floater to add the buoyant force of floater.
● The floater is made of high density polyethylene, which ensures its long service time.
● Various array design, easier to combine.
● Realize symmetrical facing array, increase the installation capacity, maximize the efficiency of power generation.
● Compatible with various solar module, save the cost.
● Strong weather ability, easy to operation and maintenance.

Anchoring System

MRac Floating mounting system will be fixed by anchoring system. Normally we choose the anchor point under the water, but also can choose the anchor point on the waterfront. The procedure of installing anchoring system will be designed in accordance with the condition of water area.

1. When water level variation less than 1 meter, adopt sunken anchor or stone with rope to fix it.

2. When water level variation less than 3 meters, adopt sunken anchor or stone with rope and add elastic spring to fix it.

3. When water level variation more than 3 meters, adopt sunken anchor or stone with capstan rope to fix it.

Anchoring System Solutions
Floating Solar Mounting System G4N+ Details

Bracket details

Floating Solar Mounting System G4N+ Details
Floating Solar Mounting System G4N+ Details

Technical Parameter

TypeFloating system
Installation Angle5°, 10°, 15°
Wind Load42m/s
Snow Load1KN/㎡
Height From the Water Surface>300mm
Panel Framingframed, double glass solar panel
Panel OrientationHorizontal, same direction double row, symmetrical double row
Design StandardsAS/NZS 1170, DIN 1055, JIS C8955:2017,
 International Building Code: IBC 2009,
 California Building Code: CBC 2010;
Material HDPE
Fastener MaterialZinc-nickel alloy &  HDPE
Parts MaterialAL6005-T5 (surface anodized)
Bracket ColorGrey or custom
Weight capacityMain floating body 70KG/㎡, aisle 155KG/㎡

Service and Support

● Our sales team will provide you with basic product introduction and training.
● Our technical team will design a complete solution according to your project requirements.
● We provide installation guides and online services for the solar mounting system.
● Provide 10-year warranty service.

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