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Rooftop Waterproof PV Mounting System

Mibet brings you an innovative waterproof PV mounting system for roofs. Designed and manufactured by Mibet’s team of engineers with over a decade of experience in roofing technology, this waterproof mounting product is 100% code compliant and thanks to its compact frame design, installation is quick and easy and saves significant transportation costs. The next generation of rooftop solar mounting solutions.

Product Application Examples

Application example of rooftop waterproof PV mounting system


Waterproof and sturdy

Innovative structural waterproof design, equipped with water guide trough, sturdy and durable, lower maintenance cost and longer life.

Easy installation

Most of the brackets are pre-assembled in the factory, no cutting or welding is required on site, just tighten the bolts to complete the installation, quick construction and easy maintenance afterward.

Economic benefits

Save the cost of roof laying and renovation, greatly reduce the construction cost, extend the service life of the roof to more than 25 years, waterproof and heat insulation, add double protection.

Enhance architectural aesthetics

The arrangement of the system can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual situation of the building and adapted to local conditions, effectively enhancing indoor brightness, enhancing lighting, and perfectly integrating with the building, making the appearance of the building more beautiful and high-end.

Rooftop Waterproof PV Mounting System Details

Bracket details

Rooftop Waterproof PV Mounting System Details
Rooftop Waterproof PV Mounting System Details

Technical Parameter

TypeSteel structure, wooden frame
Slope5 ° to 50 ° (from 8% to 120%)
Wind Load60m/s
Snow Load1.6KN/㎡
Panel Framingframed
Panel Orientationhorizontal, vertical
Design StandardsAS/NZS 1170, DIN 1055, JIS C8955:2017,
 International Building Code: IBC 2009,
 California Building Code: CBC 2010;
Bracket MaterialAL6005-T5 (surface anodized) 
Fastener MaterialZinc-nickel alloy & SUS304 & Hot-dip galvanized
Parts MaterialAL6005-T5 (surface anodized)
Bracket ColorNatural silver or colored according to customer requirements
Warranty10 years

Service and Support

● Our sales team will provide you with basic product introduction and training.
● Our technical team will design a complete solution according to your project requirements.
● We provide installation guides and online services for the solar mounting system.
● Provide 10-year warranty service.

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